July 6, 2016

About us

We are a young non-profit organisation with approximately 25 members and partners. We have a clear mission, and the capacity, to attract, service and support more members. Most of our current members are large industry leaders, but we also welcome small and medium sized companies. So, no matter if you are new to Indian-Danish trade, or already well-established we look forward to welcoming you into our IDCC network.

At member seminars we present case stories, share market knowledge and experience, and at roundtable meetings we discuss topics and dilemmas that are relevant to Danish companies with activities in India or to Indian companies in Denmark. We aim to take a concrete and practical approach where we welcome active participation and discussions. Some meetings are held together with one or more partners to IDCC, when we believe it is in the interest of our members and of the associated organizations.


Our objective

The objective of Indian Danish Chamber of Commerce (IDCC) is to promote trade between Denmark and India, strengthen cultural ties between the two countries, and function as an exclusive forum for companies, organizations, and business people aiming to lever Danish companies’ position in India and vice versa.

To the extent it is relevant and possible, the IDCC shall:

1. Arrange and promote activities enabling the members to share and exchange knowledge and experience relevant for success in the relevant markets (Danish and/or Indian), and to increase the members’ knowledge of relevant factors which can contribute to such success.

2. At regular intervals publish informative material on the possibilities in Denmark and/or with Danish companies, and about the opportunities seen from a Danish perspective in India or with Indian companies, for distribution in relevant Danish and/or Indian professional networks, Indian chambers of commerce etc.

3. Create optimal opportunities of transportation between the two countries.

4. Work to have optimal fast-track handling of business-related visa applications for Indian business people travelling to Denmark, and for Danish business people travelling to India.

5. Arrange and promote targeted exchange trips for Danish companies to India, and for Indian companies to Denmark, including and through local Indian chambers of commerce.

6. Carry out other similar related activities, including co-operation with other associations that want to further the trade between Denmark and India.


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