July 6, 2016

About us

We are a young non-profit organisation with approximately 25 members and partners. We have a clear mission, and the capacity, to attract, service and support more members. Most of our current members are large industry leaders, but we welcome all companies engaged with Indian-Danish business. So, no matter if you are new to Indian-Danish trade, or already well-established we look forward to welcoming you into our IDCC network.

  • Our objective is to be the primary association in Denmark to promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge related to doing business in India for Danish and Indian organizations present in Denmark.

Being part of IDCC’s network means free access to all activities. At member seminars we present case stories, share market knowledge and practical experience of business issues and challenges related to doing business in India. At our round-table meetings we relate to issues businesses meet and we discuss them in a confident forum.

We welcome and expect our members to participate actively in the discussions and to contribute with their experience and knowledge. Some meetings are held together with one or more partners to IDCC, when we believe it is in the interest of our members and of the associated organizations.



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