Even though Denmark’s agricultural area is relatively modest, Danish food production feeds three times the  population. Denmark is one of the market leaders in both primary and processed food production, food equipment and ingredients industry, know-how and research.

Doing business with the Danish exporter or the Danish food cluster in Denmark, you become a part of tomorrow’s opportunities and solutions. In Denmark, successful researchers, entrepreneurs and food producers are already future bound when it comes to their knowledge of resource efficiency, sustainability, innovation, quality, food safety, organic production and gastronomy.

India is the World’s second largest consumer base, a fast-growing economy and a country of great opportunities for Danish companies. The growing Indian middle class is increasingly demanding higher food safety, food quality and better animal welfare. The Danish food sector offers world-leading qualifications and solutions within food processing technology, processing equipment, machinery and components, hygiene solutions, automation, consulting.

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    Around the world, food products and technology ‘Made in Denmark’ are synonymous with high quality, safety and excellent hygiene. Danish food manufacturing businesses operate some of the world’s most advanced processing plants and the research and innovation capabilities are internationally renowned. Furthermore, Danish companies and consumers are true pioneers when it comes to organic and natural food products, making Denmark an ideal test market and production location for such produce.

    Denmark has some of the world’s largest and most successful companies in many sectors of the food industry. For example, the world’s 2nd largest meat exporter is based in Denmark along with the 6th largest dairy company, the 4th largest brewery, and many other frontrunners in their fields.

    The value of Indian Food Processing Industry is estimated at USD 260 Bn (1,670 Bn DKK) (2015), growing annually at 7%. Increased economic growth, evolving food-consumption patterns, higher standards of living due to rising disposable incomes and increasing young working population are driving the growth of the industry. Strategic geographic location and proximity to food-importing nations make India favorable for the export of processed foods.

    42 Mega Food Parks (MFP) are being set up with an investment of USD 2.38 billion. The parks have around 1250 developed plots with basic enabled infrastructure that entrepreneurs can take on lease for the setting up of food processing and ancillary units.

    Attractive fiscal incentives have been instated by central and state governments and these include capital subsidies, tax rebates, depreciation benefits, as well as reduced custom and excise duties for processed food and machinery.

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    In 2013, companies within the feed and food sectors exported DKK 27 billion worth out of an annual turnover of DKK36 billion. This figure corresponds to approx. 5 % of the total Danish exports of goods and results in the sector having a 10 % market share worldwide.

    Danish seed growers produce around 40 % of total EU production of grass seeds, and horticultural seeds, such as spinach, chrysanthemum, cabbage, herbs and flowers, also make up a substantial part of Danish seed production. More than 90% of the total production of grass, clover and horticultural seeds is exported to more than 100 countries. Exports represent an annual value of € 275 million.

    The Danish agribusiness sector covers a wide array of highly innovative enterprises. Optimal machinery for use in the field, in stables and in further processing is essential for the productivity, sustainability and high quality in Danish agriculture. Advanced equipment to monitor food products (such as dairy, meat or wine) during production enables homogenous quality and high food safety. Grain analysis by instruments developed and manufactured in Denmark ensures fair payment for farmers around the world.

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    The Danish food industry has always demanded the best food technology solutions. This has given the Danish suppliers the experience, know-how and necessary skills when creating innovative and reliable products and solutions aimed at the global food industry.

    Over the past 20 years, new technology has enabled farmers to increase their production by 20% while minimizing environmental impact. The result is an increased flow of high-quality raw materials to our extensive food processing sector.

    Progressive farming methods and sophisticated processing technology are a cornerstone of our food manufacturing companies’ success. They are also a core Danish strength in their own right, paving the way to full traceability in the supply chain and top standards of safety and hygiene. Big strides have been taken within greener technology over the years. Denmark is an acknowledged pioneer in this respect – ranking no. 1 out of 38 countries in the 2012 Global Cleantech Innovation Index. Within the food cluster, a wealth of companies has specialized in processing and packaging equipment – some 80% of which is exported.

    Food packaging issues are solved by Denmark’s many specialist packaging producers. Keeping foods safe and delicious means using just the right materials – with an increasing focus on recyclability. Danish processing equipment manufacturers have become so well known for their hygienic, stainless steel designs that they have caught the eye of international concerns and many of the global manufacturers have invested in the Danish brand of precision, easy-clean equipment.

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    Within ingredients for the food industry, Denmark holds a strong global position: 14% of all food ingredients supplied to the global industry come from Denmark. Food ingredients, such as enzymes, cultures, and proteins are currently the biggest growth segments in the Danish food industry. The growing global demand is expected to further strengthen the development of Danish strongholds such as bio-ingredients, probiotics, sweeteners, proteins and emulsifiers.

    The total (Indian) market size of ingredients is estimated to be about USD 776 Mn (5.04 Bn DKK). In terms of size, the segment is dominated by flavours followed by seasonings and condiments.

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