Industry machinery is one of Denmark's largest export commodities. Denmark exports all sorts of machinery for various industries. However especially food industry machinery and process industry machinery are important export goods.
Denmark is also known for producing quality pumps, thermostats, ventilation systems and other home and industry technical machinery. Export of asphalt and cement turnkey solutions is also something which Danish Industry is known for.

The Danish machines/engineering sector is very export-oriented. Some of the larger companies have global footprints in the production and sale of energy optimisation products (i.e. thermostats, pumps, compressors) and equipment for the global mining industry. Other subsectors, such as equipment for the slaughtering/food processing industry and machines for the agricultural sector are more oriented towards closer markets like the Nordics, Germany and the UK.

The sector has shown a stable performance over the last 2-3 years. Key success factors for Danish machinery businesses have been their ability to streamline costs, continued investment in product development/new technology and expansion to new export markets.

Growth of the Indian machine tool industry has an immense bearing on the entire economy, especially India's manufacturing industry. The machine tool industry is crucial for development of the country's strategic segments such as Defence, railways, space, and atomic energy. World over developed countries have created market niches on the back of a well-developed and supportive machine tool sector.

The Indian machine tool industry is a widely dispersed industry comprising units of various sizes. The industry has estimated 750 - 800 companies in all, producing machine tools, parts, accessories and sub-systems. Of these, around 400 produce complete machine tools of all types and sizes. Between 25 and 50 are large industries and the rest are SMEs.

The Indian machine tool industry manufactures almost the complete range of metal-cutting and metal-forming machine tools and special purpose machines. The products comprise conventional machine tools as well as Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines and include special purpose machines, robotics, handling systems, and Total Productivity Management (TPM) friendly machines.