Over the last couple of decades, Denmark has developed a very attractive and internationally acclaimed IT sector because of a strategic Investment in world-class Research and Development facilities, innovation and technology.

The ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Cluster compromises corporations that manufacture products and deliver services within robotics, sound technology, wireless and mobile technology and software development. The ICT industry has become a key area in terms of economic growth and entrepreneurship in Denmark and will continue to play a decisive role in Denmark’s future on innovation.

Millions of Indians hope for a better future, with well-paying jobs and a decent standard of living. To meet these aspirations, the country needs broad-based economic growth and more effective public services. Technology can play an important role in enabling the growth India needs.

The spread of digital technologies, as well as advances in energy and genomics, can raise the productivity of business and agriculture, redefine how services such as healthcare and education are delivered, and contribute to higher living standards for millions of Indians by raising education levels and improving healthcare outcomes.