Denmark’s Ambassador to India, Freddy Svane, was interviewed on the Green Strategic Partnership.

Reiterating the partnership under the framework of skills, scale, scope and urgency, Ambassador Freddy said:

Denmark is a small country, but we have the skills and the solutions… When it comes to Wind for example, Denmark is really the leading country in the world and therefore we would like to cooperate with India. We are not telling India to do x, y and z – we are bringing our technologies and skills to India.

You cannot do anything on climate change or on the execution of the Sustainable Development Goals without India being part of the equation.

India has the scale and our partnership offer the scope, which is the immense good we can do for the global climate. We need to work bilaterally, but we also need to work globally


We are in deep talks about developing an action plan that sets out the deadlines and concrete plans that we have to work on in order to deal with these issues.

  • Energy
    In full cooperation with our Indian counterparts, we are trying to build a center of excellence for offshore wind. I am pretty sure we will see some progress in the foreseeable future
  • Water
    Water is the only substance that can’t be replaced – we have the water that is at hand – and India is facing water scarcity.In Denmark, water leakages (non-revenue water) is at 6-7% – in India it is above 50%. In order to protect your water resources and to secure that the Jal Jeevan mission will succeed, you need to raise the awareness and make sure water consumption is controlled in the best way.

    This is something we are also in talks with the Indian side about.

  • Agriculture
    Denmark would like to cooperate on minimizing water consumption in irrigation systems and make the many pumps used on the farms more energy efficient.


Job creation
Denmark’s experience with green transformation is that it is indeed a job creator. India with its huge young population will need new jobs and we think this is one way of doing it. It is costly, yes, but you need to change the direction. India is ready to do so – it will be done in the Indian way, but I have no objections to the Indian way. You cannot do anything on climate change or the execution on the Sustainable Development Goals without India being part of the equation. So – let us get to work!


(103) Uttarakhand burst is a sign where Denmark, India can work together : Ambassador Svane – YouTube


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