Food & Beverage market in India: A recent but significant trend towards import

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31 Mar 2020, Tuesday @13:30 - 17:00

Due to the Covid-19 situation in Denmark, this event is postponed until further notice.


Changing consumer trends in India have created a demand for imported food and beverages. Especially the young, urban demographic is trendsetting and the supermarkets, hypermarkets and online retailers are increasing their share of distribution.

The increasing demand for processed food is great news for companies working in or supplying to the food technology-sector as budding local food processing factories will require new technology and the distributors to.

This seminar offers:

  • the latest trends in and around the food and beverage market in India
  • the latest developments in infractructure and distribution in India
  • networking with likeminded companies and potential partners
  • Arla’s experience entering the market
  • about the Danish business delegation to ANUTEC 2020 – read more here

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Key figures:

Market size:
Total processed food market in 2019: US$ 527 bn.
Total imported processed food market in 2017 (latest figures): US$ 24.35bn

Growth rates:
Imported food products has witnessed a CAGR of 15% from 2005-2017. Since 2017 the growth rates have increased significantly, peaking at 45% in 2016 as many import certificates were cleared.
The growth in total food market is around 12% per year.
India’s organic food market has seen a growth rate of 58% over the last three years.

Imported food products are still only affordable to a smaller part of the Indian population, however, due to the sheer size of the total population, this segment is still significant and continues to growth.
Imported food and beverage products are mainly sold in the Horeca-segment, in hypermarkets in metro cities and online.


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