IDCC Roundtable: How your Indian venture can fuel your digitalization agenda

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13 Nov 2019, Wednesday @15:30 - 17:30

IDCC Roundtable @ Intellishore

Dear members. We are happy to invite you to our upcoming roundtable hosted by IDCC member Intellishore. With a focus on data and digitalization, this roundtable explores the synergies between your Indian venture and your digitalization agenda.

Through years of experience working with leading multinationals across industries, INTELLISHORE has identified key building blocks towards how organizations can benefit from their Indian venture to drive digital excellence.

At this session, Intellishore will share their experiences with:
  • Defining a shared action plan (incl. use cases) for all elements of digital transformation: business, technical and organizational
  • Establish the setup to continuously validate, access and explore the foundation of quality data – as well as turn insights from data into accessible reports and tools.
  • Build the organization’s capabilities and ways of working to drive data literacy and culture
Through a number of cases, we will explore how multinationals have suceeded with elements of above by leveraging the competencies of its Indian affiliate, Indian partner or offshore service center. This will provide inspiration to different types of collaboration models, but all be rooted in how to effectively use one’s India-engagement in boosting digitization efforts.

Please find the invitation here: IDCC Roundtable @ INTELLISHORE

Learn more about Intellishore here