IDCC in a Trade Delegation to India


IDCC participates in Danish trade delegation organized by Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC), the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Embassy of Denmark in India at World Food India (WFI).

Focus is on segments such as food ingredients and additives, food processing cultures and enzymes production, animal feed, innovative food products, farmer equipment/ processing equipment, cold chain solutions, food safety and testing diagnostics, genetics, and final food production.

World Food India 2017
A global event to facilitate partnerships between Indian and international businesses and investors, WFI is a gateway to the Indian food economy and an opportunity to showcase, connect, and collaborate.

Organized by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, WFI will be the largest gathering of investors, manufacturers, producers, food processors, policy makers, and organizations from the global food ecosystem. It aims to provides opportunities for both investment and trade in the food processing sector for leading Indian and international companies. Encompassing the entire food spectrum from production to consumption, WFI is looking at creating a better sourcing environment, thereby enabling higher returns for farmers, creating employment, and fostering entrepreneurship.

Why you should join
With a massive food market in India that is fast-expanding, exciting growth in the retail sector, and attractive economic policies and fiscal incentives, India’s food ecosystem is the place to be in. Join in transforming the food economy by leveraging opportunities along the food value chain.

  • Among fastest growing economies in the world
  • Largest producer of several agri-commodities
  • 1.3 Billion consumers with increasing demand for branded food
  • 4th largest economy in terms of purchasing parity
  • Proactive government policies with attractive fiscal incentives
  • Significant investments in world class ports, logistics and supply chain infrastructure
  • Rich demographic dividend with high focus on skill development, availability of skilled personnel
  • Opportunity for investors across the food processing supply chain

For more information about the Trade Delegation contact Peter Michael Heller at Danish Agriculture & Food Council, or direct tel.: 3339 4335.

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