If your company looks to India for business opportunities – join IDCC – and be a part of Denmark’s primary Indian-Danish business network.

The purpose of the IDCC network is to provide members with relevant market information and knowledge and to inspire, motivate and support the creation of new partnerships and business projects.

IDCC members come from many different industries and business sectors. Through various events and meetings, they share experiences, knowledge and networks with other IDCC members.

As IDCC member, you gain access to an extensive knowledge base, industry seminars, roundtable discussions and top-level network of Danish and Indian corporates with broad experience in Indian-Danish business relations.

Some IDCC events are for members only, whereas others may be open to non-members as well. Follow us on LinkedIn or sign up for our newsletter to keep you updated, or check the Events section on our website regularly.

IDCC membership categories

There are 4 categories of memberships depending on your company’s MAAT (Minimum average annual turnover) and company profile.

Click on the categories to apply for membership and make sure you read Articles of Association.

DKK 30,000
companies with MAAT ≥ mDKK 500
DKK 20,000
companies with MAAT = mDKK 40-500
DKK 10,000
companies with MAAT ≤ mDKK 40
DKK 20,000
Non-profit & Municipalities

IDCC membership gives you the following benefits:

  • Free attendance to all IDCC events for up to three employees per company
  • Free access to presentations from executed IDCC events
  • Option to suggest topics for Roundtable sessions or to host seminars
  • Logo and company profile on IDCC website
  • Invitations to non-IDCC events – they can be both business and cultural events
  • Newsletters (6-8 per year) with valuable tips and information on Indian-Danish market facts, opportunities and challenges
  • Inclusive business network of people from other Danish and Indian companies facing similar challenges – one-to-one meetings can be established
  • Facilitation from IDCC to guide you to resources that can help resolve your company’s specific India-Denmark challenges