What are IDCC Focus Networks?

IDCC Focus Networks are networks that focus on a single overarching topic. Participants will discuss elements within this topic on a continuous basis. Frequency, timeline and content will be decided in coordination with participants and the associated board member.

Meetings in the network will be informal but confidential. To the extent possible, we aim to have the same group of people participating each time to enable a trusting atmosphere where we can maximize value creation.


The Focus Networks provide new opportunities for more in-depth knowledge sharing. By gathering people from across industries to discuss a topic, we enable different perspectives to shape the understandings and conclusions.

Having the same people meet continuously creates a trusting environment where knowledge sharing thrives. It also creates the feeling of a network that may live outside the IDCC.

Current networks

HR Focus Network

Our first Focus Network was launched in Q2 2020 and is focusing on HR-related topics in an Indo-Danish context. The network consists of HR executives from HQ and Indian management, providing a great mix of perspectives that enable fruitful discussions.

Topics covered so far:

  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Culture-related challenges and opportunities (Key takeaways(4IR Model)
  • Indian interns and the search for talent


Sales Focus Network

Our sales network was launched in November 2019 and consists of executives with a sales responsibility.

Topics covered so far:

  • Driving sales in a period with limited travel possibilities (Key takeaways)
  • Virtual sales - with external expert Jacob Lyhne Kjellerup (Key takeaways)
  • Marketing and Communication in India (Key takeaways)
  • Stakeholder interaction and reputation management (Key takeaways)

Upcoming networks

Focus Network on Sourcing

Focus Network on Pharma