New Danish-Indian project to design the power grid of tomorrow

Researchers from DTU (Technical University of Denmark) will use India’s grid expansion as testing grounds for the power grids of tomorrow

Integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, into the power grid is challenging since these sources are unstable by nature – the sun needs to be shining or the wind needs to be blowing for them to produce energy. An unstable supply of electricity into the grid can cause power failure.

But now researchers from DTU may have found a solution: smart power grids that can anticipate grid disturbances and initiate emergency procedures to avoid power failures.

Machine learning methods will change the way the energy system is operated in the future. Groundbreaking new solutions that utilise digitisation could lead to the 100 per cent green power grid of tomorrow,” said Professor Jacob Østergaard, Head of Centre and energy system specialist at DTU Electrical Engineering


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