Others should look to follow India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership, says Danish climate minister

Denmark and India recently signed a Green Strategic Partnership, the first such agreement for either country. Dan Jorgensen, the Danish Minister for Climate and Energy, in an interview with Hindustan Times, explained its significance.

What is the importance of the Green Strategic Partnership? Is this unique in the world?
The Green Strategic Partnership is very important for both countries, India and Denmark, but also for the rest of world. The two countries are in a very good position, because we can really help and learn from each other. Denmark is one of the leading countries in renewable energy, especially in offshore wind where we are using that technology to create “energy islands”.

As Prime minister Modi has noticed about the partnership is “Denmark has the skills, India has the scale”. India has ambitious plans for renewable energy, and I am very impressed by these plans. Denmark has the skills and is able to use them in helping India to achieve its goals.

I am not sure, that the partnership is the first one. I don’t know if other countries have similar agreements. But it is for sure the first time Denmark has made this sort of partnership. We are a part of a global community, and we look to United Nations climate issues, but we have to make bilateral alliances in these fields too.

Denmark and India are very different in size and climate. Why should they have looked to each other to form a partnership?
First and foremost, between our two countries there is a significant trust, friendship and good working relationship. Our authorities are used to working together. The size of energy transformation, India is undergoing will not only benefit India but the whole world. India is a key player in the battle against climate change, and considering India’s size, the country is a key player, if we are to have a chance to fulfill the Paris-agreement. We are all very impressed by India’s level of ambition in green energy, and what they have shown in this field so far.

Denmark has many areas of experience in connection to renewable energy. We have the biggest experience with offshore wind, we created the first offshore wind farms in Denmark in 1991. There has been a notable technological development in this area.

Where will green cooperation go in the future?
Indian government officials and experts are looking at our plans for offshore wind with great interest. But our plans for the future is to take wind power into a brand-new area. We don’t look at this sector as a competition with other countries, it is something where we have to work together with other countries with the greatest goal about energy transformation.

On the global level, first and most, we have to reach the Paris agreement. Currently we are not on the right track globally. But I am optimistic when I look at the development among the world’s largest emitters, such as India, China and the United States. I am especially delighted that the United States has promised to re-enter the Paris-agreement.


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