Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen re-opens the Indo-Danish Joint Commission

Anders Samuelsen visited India on the 17-18 December to meet with his Indian countepart, Smt. Sushma Swaraj for the 2nd Joint Commission Meeting.

Denmark needs to have good relations and a close cooperation with India. The relationship has been challenged but today we agree to look ahead. For this I am very happy. It is the culmination of years of work. Now it is time to accellerate the collaboration. In the long term I hope we can form a strategic partnership with India as Denmark has with the other great Asian developing economies.

Anders Samuelsen, Danish Foreign Minister.

The Joint Commission sets the framework for the Indo-Danish bilateral relationship but has been inactive since 2010. The Commission is being led by the two countries’ foreign minsters and also constitute sector specific collaborations, such as Energi, Agriculture, Technology, Shipping, Labour Market, Environment and Urban Development. This second visit by Anders Samuelsen represents the official re-opening of the Commission.

The Foreign Minister also met with the Indian Minister of Trade, Suresh Prabhu, to discuss the strengthening of the commercial bilateral ties.

“India is the world’s 5th largest economy but  Denmark exports less than 0.5% to India. There is a huge untapped potential. We need to use the momentum we have created and accellerate the export”

Anders Samuelsen, Danish Foreign Minister.

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Foto credit: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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