The Danish Energy Agency and EKF are starting a new collaboration on the global green transition

A new cooperation agreement between Danish Energy Agency and EKF will disseminate Denmark’s experiences of green transition to the rest of the world and open new markets for Danish exporters of climate technology.

The Danish Energy Agency and EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency have just entered into a new cooperation agreement. By disseminating Danish experiences of a green transition of the energy sector, the purpose is to accelerate the global green transition and position the Danish solutions in a competitive market.

“Denmark is a leading country in green technology and there is a huge potential in expanding the knowledge we have to other countries. With the combination of EKF’s experience in establishing and financing green projects and The Danish Energy Agency’s knowledge of how to provide the best possible conditions for green transition on the part of the authorities, the Danish companies get an even better basis for contributing to reducing the world’s CO2 emission. At the same time, they will create and maintain Danish jobs,” says EKF’s chief executive officer, Kirstine Damkjær.

Danish Energy Agency and EKF are focusing on a number of countries, where the potential for exporting Danish solutions in wind, district heating and energy efficiency are great.

Export in a larger scale with new green fund

Most recently EKF was involved in planting the Danish flag in a new green market, when Taiwan last year began building offshore wind farms with Danish wind turbines. And the green Danish exporters’ access to risky financing was recently strengthened, when the government launched Denmark’s Green Future Fund. Here EKF was allocated 14 out of the fund’s 25 billion kr. for increased exports of Danish climate solutions (Source:

Facts about the collaboration

The cooperation will focus on Danish solutions in the areas of wind, district heating and energy efficiency in the following countries:

  • Vietnam (offshore wind)
  • Sydkorea (offshore wind)
  • Tyrkiet (district heating and offshore)
  • Indien (offshore wind)
  • Japan (offshore wind)
  • Egypten (onshore wind)
  • Sydafrika (specific areas regarding new country program on energy)
  • Mexico (specific areas regarding new country program on energy)
  • Ukraine (district heating and onshore wind)
  • USA (offshore wind)




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