There is no limit to what we can achieve when Indian talent is applied to Danish expertise

In an interview with Indian Global Business, Ruchikar Dalela, Country Head (Denmark), Tata Consultancy Services – and IDCC board member – talks about the relation between India and Denmark and what the two countries can gain from each other, but also how this collaboration can benefit the world.

Being asked what opportunities he sees Indian tech companies have in Denmark, Ruchikar says that he sees great opportunities in the cooperation between Denmark and India and that the old bilateral relationship now holds opportunities in much larger perspective. Denmark, he continues, for many years had a green perspective and has been a pioneer when it comes to wind energy, whereas in India the greenization is an extreme kind of critical need of the society.

As such, he notes, the collaboration accommodates a lot of significant advantages, including how Denmark’s many years of knowledge and experience in the green arena can benefit not only India, but the entire world. Matching this with the talent in India, there is no end to where a collaboration can lead us, he concludes.

Speaking on the topic of innovation, Ruchikar notes that in Denmark it is quite alright to fail and that failures do not prohibit you from applying and getting help. In India, on the other hand, the startup culture is not encouraging towards failure and as such, it is extremely intense and powerful – and you are not supported as well.

On the question of what Tata Consultancy Services works with in Denmark, Ruchikar says they work in all sectors based on the perspective of IT, process and technology. The company has, for example spent three to four years collaborating with a financial company on the development of robot technology and how the company can create greater value for its customers.

One of the problems they have helped the client with, he says, is minimizing the process time for shutting down a credit card if it has been lost or stolen. We have thus, he continues, reduced this process time from four minutes to one minute and thereby helping our financial client significantly reduce the risk of credit card misuse. We continue to work to make the process time even faster, so that the shutdown can take place immediately, Ruchikar concludes.

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