What is IDCC?

Indian Danish Chamber of Commerce (IDCC) is the primary network of companies and people with knowledge, practical experience and interest in Indian-Danish business relations.

IDCC gathers and provides information and insight, and we organize meetings, seminars and roundtables where our members and partners meet and share their experiences and market knowledge.

Our Objective

Our objective is to be the primary association in Denmark to promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge related to doing business in India for Danish and Indian organizations present in Denmark.

Through our website, we are proud to unite and promote Danish companies and their world-leading solutions towards Indian companies and authorities.

Danish Solutions

Solutions by Danish companies contribute to a greener, safer and healthier India.

Danish companies possess many special competences, e.g. water, waste, wind, bio and other environmental solutions, energy and climate, sustainable food and agri-business, machinery, urban planning and construction, healthcare and welfare solutions, maritime and logistics, as well as the creative and retail industry like design, tourism and entertainment. Take a tour, into industries where Danish companies master innovative and sustainable solutions which optimize productivity, quality and safety, and leave a better planet for future generations.





Meet our members who are expanding their business in the Indian market