Green Strategic Partnership

The Opportunity

The signing of the partnership in September 2020 – the first of its kind – means a huge opportunity for Danish companies in India in decades.

In IDCC we are committed to explore, share and expand the opportunities that lie ahead. We are ready to help the plans materialize.

The Indian Danish Network

The Solution

Our members have deep insight into the Indian reality and the Danish time-tested solutions that work on ground.

Based on the shared knowledge IDCC is the preferred partner when it comes to realization of Danish potentials in India.

Network, Knowledge and Access

IDCC consists of a network of executives with hands-on experience from the Indian market as well as our extended network of partners.

We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among members and promote collaboration, action, and interaction.

We bring people together in focus networks where complimentary IDCC members can pursue common agendas relating to specific sectors.

As an objective stakeholder and a close partner to the Indian Embassy in Denmark and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, we facilitate access to Indian decision-makers and communicate our members’ work in India.

Together, we send a clear message to the Indian government that Danish companies are committed to the Indian market and the sustainable development of India.

By joining IDCC you gain access to

  • executives with hands-on experience from the Indian market
  • 6-8 roundtables per year
  • 2-3 agenda-setting seminars per year
  • focus networks
  • high-level delegations
  • our extended network of partners
  • visibility through IDCCs broad engagement and communication
  • social get-togethers with likeminded

Our events

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March 2021

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April 2021

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Our members

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